The 2023 Scholarship was awarded to Makenzie Roche for her years of volunteering for the Pelham Community and her excellence in academics. Makenzie has spent many hours mentoring children, coaching for the Middle School volleyball team, volunteering for the Razorbacks and volunteering in the Elementary School as a kindergarten and first grade teacher helper. She is going on to college to study elementary education and youth development and hopes to make a difference in children's lives every day.

Congratulations to Makenzie!!

We would also like to thank all of you who also applied for the Scholarship. There were many highly qualified individuals and the choice was not an easy one. Pelham Community Spirit wishes all of you success in your college years and beyond and hope that you will all continue to be a big part of your community wherever you happen to live

2020 Scholarship Information Coming Soon

The 2020 recipient of the Community Spirit Scholarship shall receive a $1,000.00 scholarship which shall be used to defray the costs of attendance such as tuition, living expenses, books, or supplies, and the like, at an accredited degree granting institution of higher learning. The scholarship shall be presented to the recipient during the Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees event.

The Pelham Community Spirit Scholarship shall be awarded to an applicant who has demonstrated significant community spirit in Pelham or the town and or school in which they attend, particularly by participating in activities that emphasize, restore, and or provide a sense of “community” for its residents. Academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities may also be considered.

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Applicant must be a current resident of Pelham, New Hampshire;

  • Applicant must have started their first full year of post-secondary education at an accredited approved degree granting institution of higher learning in advance of the date of the scholarship application deadline;

  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in at least their first year of post-secondary education

Applicants should submit their completed application together with the required additional documents by Friday, November 20, 2020 to Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. at the address listed below. Only completed applications postmarked by the deadline shall be considered for the scholarship. Applications received which do not adhere to the requirements contained herein and do not contain the documents required shall be deemed incomplete and therefore, be disqualified for consideration by the Selection Committee.

The applicant shall be notified by email when the application is received by Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. If you do not receive an email confirming the receipt of the application within three days of mailing same, please contact Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Community Spirit scholarship recipient shall be notified by Monday, November 23, 2020. The winner of the scholarship will be awarded at the Southern NH Festival of Trees on Saturday, December 7, at 2:00pm in Sherburne Hall at the Pelham Town Hall.

Send Completed Applications to:
Pelham Community Spirit, Inc.
Attention: Community Spirit Scholarship Selection Committee
PO Box 1028, Pelham, NH 03076
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Spirit Scholarship Policies

This document provides an overview of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. Scholarship selection process.

General: The scholarship application provides a description of selection criteria, a list of materials the applicant MUST supply in order for the application to be considered complete and qualified for consideration by the Selection Committee. To the greatest extent possible, the process of selecting a recipient for the scholarship shall be “blind.”

Timeline: The Application shall have a specified due date printed on it. Thereafter, the application shall be evaluated in a timely manner, and the scholarship shall be presented at a date and time determined by the Executive Committee. Scholarship Funds shall be transferred to the recipient at the time of the presentation of the scholarship or at a later time, depending on the terms of the institution.

Applicants: General requirements are described within the application for the scholarship. Any application which does not adhere to the requirements as stated in the application shall be automatically disqualified, and as such, the application shall not be given consideration by the Selection Committee. The immediate family members and grandchildren of the following individuals are not eligible for any scholarship awarded by the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., in a particular year:

  • Individuals directly involved in the selection process, including the current screener and
  • Current members of the Scholarship Selection Committee;
  • Current members of the Board of Directors of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc.

Scholarship Selection Committee: The primary responsibility of the Selection Committee is to evaluate the applications received for scholarship awarded by the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., and to select the recipients for the scholarship. The Committee shall also publicize the availability of the scholarship when appropriate, notify recipients about their selection for the scholarship and publicize the recipient’s selection for the scholarship in the media. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee in regard to any changes to the scholarship applications and/or the policies that govern the overall management of the scholarships.

Members of the Selection Committee: Selection Committee Members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., for one-year renewable terms. Members should have little knowledge of and or contact with the pool of applicants. The Selection Committee shall have an odd number of voting members, with a minimum of three. In addition to appointed members, a member of the Executive Board of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., shall be an ex officio member of the Committee so the Executive Board may be kept informed of the Selection Committee’s progress and issues that may arise. The ex officio member will not have a vote on any motion considered by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee shall elect a Chair person who shall coordinate the Selection Committee meetings and the work of the Committee. The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to accomplish their tasks and goals. The Selection Committee’s choice of recipient for the scholarship shall not be subject to approval by the Executive Committee or the full Board of Directors of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc.

Screeners: The screener shall be designated by the Executive Committee of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., and shall not be deemed a member of the Selection Committee.

Applications: Applications for scholarships shall be made available on the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., website, at the Pelham Library, and at schools and or colleges at which Pelham residents may be enrolled. At appropriate times, scholarships should be publicized in the local media. At a minimum, notices should appear when the applications become available and again approximately one month before an application’s due date.

Review Process:

Receipt of applications: The screener shall receive applications from a person who has access to the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. PO box. The screener shall then confirm receipt of each application by notifying the applicant by email. The screener shall copy the applications by scanning to a digital format, preferably PDF, or by making hardcopies, and shall preserve the original pages.

The screener will send copies of the applications to a member of the Committee, either in hardcopy or electronic form. The Committee may choose to receive applications individually as they are processed by the screener or as a batch after the application due date has passed.

Evaluation of applications: After the application’s due date has passed, the Selection Committee shall meet as necessary to review and evaluate the applications for the scholarship. The Selection Committee shall determine the process and methods used to select the recipients of the scholarship but, in all cases, shall base its selection on the criteria described in the application for the scholarship. If, for any reason, the Selection Committee needs to contact an applicant during the evaluation process, it shall only do so indirectly through the screener.

Notification of recipients: On or before the scholarships notification date, the Selection Committee shall notify the recipient of the scholarship in writing or by other methods of their choosing, if desired. Subsequently, the Selection Committee may publicize the awarding of the scholarship to the recipient with a press release to the local media.

Preservation of records and or Retention of Same: The original application, along with the “Selection Committee Worksheet”, shall be preserved in the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., archives for a reasonable period of time. All copies of applications shall be destroyed.

Presentation of scholarship: The presentation of the scholarship shall be in accordance with the direction of the Executive Committee of Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. The payment of scholarship funds shall be in accordance with the terms of the recipient’s school.

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